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We are completing the building....  Doing the work ourselves, with the help of family and friends has made this project possible.  Taking additional time to complete because we are creating this - not just building it.  There are lots of special thoughts, elements and designs that are very time consuming but well worth it.  On this page we will post the completed parts. Thank You! 

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Wood elements use around the gallery wall. January 2017
White wash barn board above on wall. Winter (2016-2017)
Stairway to loft. February 2017.
Hedge fence post sanded down for hand rail in stairway. September 2017
Chucks favorite view!
Glass moon mounted in tree.
Fir boards from a granary with Danish Oil finish.
Fir granary boards with Danish Oil for trim around the windows. March 2017.
Fir granary boards with Danish Oil for trim around the windows. March 2017.
Cabinets in back hallway. 2017
Giant trees during construction in gallery. September 2017
Tree built over the main 6 inch poles in Gallery.  Over 23' tall, branches are real hedge branches added into the trees.
Hedge post used for handrail of loft.
December 2017 - lights added around loft floor.
Lights added around shelf, December 2017.
West side of gallery with lights added to shelf around gallery. December 2017
Beam added to top of exit door in gallery. 2017
Looking thru window from gallery at curved track hung in studio to hold butterflies and/or dragonflies. 2017
Track from old barn mounted on wall in studio to hold frames of butterflies and dragonflies. 2017
West Side of building with Snake Branch Spruce. 2017
Front of Building.
Trolls that where hung in the hay mow of the old barn mounted on the track also from the old barn. January 2018
Sales counter nestled in-between the trees. February 2018
Corner of sales counter using hedge, White Cedar and tile. February 2018
Old harness parts used for the handles on the French doors.  February 2018
French doors with White Cedar border hung on rail. Using rollers from the old barn. February 2018
Running the tile from the floor up the side of the "bench" hiding the duct work. March 2018
Tile in loft on floor done. March 2018
Register covers - cannon blast hole!  March 2018