Starlight Art Glass Studio



We have been working as a team for over 38 years and the third generation to live on the family farm. In the beginning one was a Journeyman Ironworker and the other a Floral Designer with a college degree in Horticulture. Transforming a 50's era Dairy & Chicken Farm into a greenhouse, nursery business known as Tender Top Water Gardens and Nursery in the late 1980's. A large variety of plants planted and water gardens, are landscaped on 4 acres. Hosting several garden and art tours throughout the years.

With structural steel, welding  and woodshop knowledge, the beginning of a custom furniture business was started in the 1980's.

The passion for glass occurred while we constructed our home in the late 1990's.  An art glass panel was needed for the front of the bar and a mosaic tile bar top . (This was all it took to get hooked.)  Noticing a lack of quality Garden Art available, the birth of Starlight Art Glass Studio happened.  Merging the metal, glass and wood into structures and art to sell. Recycling items from the farm, lightning rods from the corn crib to sculpt a Tornado. We work full time at our jobs, so most creative concepts occur in the middle of the night under  "starlight",  thus the name of the business.

As for hobbies, we use to have the usual: golf, hunting, fishing, hiking and boating  ~ BUT ~  now we share the same passion playing in our shops and studios with metal, glass and wood.

Starlight Art Glass Studio is a family-owned and operated business created by Chuck and Sue Kershner, in West Burlington, Iowa.  The demolition of the dairy barn and silo in 2012, allows room to construct a 2600 sq ft building for the Gallery, Glass Studio and Pond Shop.  This has been a huge project, designed and built by us (with some help from family and friends). Fall of 2018 a Polycarbonate greenhouse was constructed attached to the studio for wintering the aquatic plants for the nursery as well as solar gain for the building.

 Great things take time, if done right. The building is now to the creative part of the journey were the fun begins.  You can keep track of our progress under "Construction"  and "Finishing Touches"  located on the top left side index of each web page.The,

Glass panel in front of the bar with rope lighting used for the illumination of the background. This is the panel that got it all started.
Custom cut and painted tile used for the top of our bar, in the house we built.
One of the styles of lamps made to hold duck calls and a decoy.
Tornado made of twisted lighting rod from the old corn crib.
Kitchen cabinets created, designed and made by chuck.